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States and territories of the Central European area

States and territories of the Central European area

Come and compete with us for cash prizes. During the contest period, you can upload scanned postage stamps (according to rules for uploading stamps) from selected Central European countries. Already uploaded images that are blurry or of poorer quality can be replaced via the context menu of the stamp. You must meet the minimum number of uploaded images to participate in the contest.

In addition to the three cash prizes, you will receive a commission, which is not subject to the minimum limit or placement in the competition. The first 2 places will be awarded to the most active philatelists, the third place will be drawn from those who meet the conditions of the competition. The complete terms and conditions of the competition can be found below.


  • Valid: 18. 4. 2023 - 31. 5. 2023
  • Min limit: 10


  •   1st prize: 500,00 Kč
  •   2nd prize: 300,00 Kč
  •   3. prize: 100,00 Kč
  •   Commission: 0,25 Kč