Auction conditions

1. General provisions

1.1 The Portal provides only the technical implementation of the auctions. The mutual communication, payment and dispatch of the auctioned goods is fully within the competence between the auctioneers. The Portal is not responsible for their lack of cooperation.

2. Owner of auction

2.1 The owner of auction can be any logged-in user. If payment to a account is possible, you must have a bank account in your profile to receive payment for the auction.

2.2 By placing an auction, the owner of auction undertakes that it owns the items contained in it and really wants to auction them. He will respect the auctioned price and the price for payment and shipping that he sets himself when placing the auction.

2.3 After paying for the auction, the owner of auction is obliged to hand over the auctioned items to the bidder within 14 days at the latest in the form chosen by the bidder from the transport offer defined by the owner at the auction. Then the payment request created and paid by the bidder marks as sent in the system. The bidder will receive information about the shipment by e-mail.

3. The bidder

3.1 The bidder can be any logged-in user who has an address filled in their profile for the delivery of the auctioned auction.

3.2 By bidding at the auction, the bidder undertakes to pay the selected amount for the auction items. He can contribute even more than the minimum required amount. The system will automatically bid up to the maximum amount chosen by him if someone else tries to bid on the auction. The bidder will respect the price auctioned by him and the price for payment and transport, which he determines himself from the listed options.

3.3 After the end of the auction, the bidder will generate a request for payment within 14 days from the end of the 1st auction at the latest, where he will choose the form of transport from those permitted by the owner of auction. Auctions are combined under one shipment if the auctions have the same bidder, address and bank account. If he chooses delivery by cash on delivery, he sends the request to the owner of auction, who receives instructions on cash on delivery by e-mail.

3.4 The bidder shall pay the generated payment request to the owner of auction within 14 days (in the case of cash on delivery, send it by e-mail). He then marks the payment request in the system as paid. The owner of auction will receive instructions to send the auction items to the bidder's address.

4. Rating

4.1 The owner of auction may evaluate the auction after payment by the bidder. If the auctioneer does not pay the auction, the contracting authority may do so no earlier than one month after the end of the auction. After the expiration of this period, he can issue the auction again.

4.2 The bidder can evaluate the auction after it has been sent by the contracting authority. If the consignor does not send the auction, the auctioneer can do so no earlier than 14 days after the payment of the auction.

4.3 A Owner of auction or bidder who repeatedly violates the conditions of the auction system of our portal may be temporarily or permanently blocked.

4.4 The portal reserves the right to review a comment if it does not correspond to reality or is written in an inappropriate manner.

5. Unusual situations

5.1 Any disputes are resolved by the owner of auction directly with the bidder. Both keep in mind that delays can also occur due to reasons not to blame, such as illness or the loss of auction items due to the error of the delivery service. Both undertake to resolve the dispute with mutual respect.

These auction conditions are valid from 29 June 2023.

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The first stamp

The payment of postal services in the general public was relatively complicated at the beginning. The payment was purchased somewhere by recipient, elsewhere by sender or else both half.