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Price list of postage stamps

Price list of postage stamps

In our article about stamp collecting, you learned what types of stamps can be collected. If you do not collect stamps only for romantic reasons or you have a certain budget for which you buy stamps, you will probably be interested in the price of your collection. Well what shall we say - a collection of stamps can also be an interesting investment.

How about prices

Each stamp has some nominal value determined by the relevant post office. The stamp is sold for this value, if it is valid, so it can be used as a stamp to pay for some postal service. In addition, there is a so-called market value. It usually does not differ from the nominal one for valid stamps. The older the stamp, the usually higher its market value. The market value is affected by several factors. The main thing is the age of the stamp and then the load, so the number of manufactured pieces of the stamp. An equally important factor is the preservation of the stamp. This is influenced by the fact whether the stamp has passed through the postal service and is therefore stamped. Stamped stamps are usually cheaper than unstamped ones. This is due to the fact that the number of stamped stamps is usually larger than unstamped stamps, but there are specimens where it is exactly the opposite. This phenomenon occurs in stamps that have practically not entered into circulation, and the postmarking is therefore very rare for them.

Market vs. list price

As we have already said, the market price of stamps changes over time. Its value is determined during the sale itself. The guide can be the catalog price, which is determined by the publishers of individual catalogs from the parameters we explained in the previous paragraph. So even that price is not permanent simply because the price changes over time. The list price is therefore a guide to the market price, but the market one is usually lower than the list one. The reason is that the list price is artificially set and catalog manufacturers determine it too optimistically. Collectors are usually not willing to pay the list price of stamps, so they approach the market price.

Where to find the catalog price

There are many catalog manufacturers. The most famous catalogs of postage stamps include the German Michel, the British Stanley Gibbons or the American Scott. Individual catalogs are published every year with updated catalog prices, in addition they contain stamps from the last year. So if you are looking for the catalog price of individual stamps, you must purchase a paper catalog. You can buy a new one to know current prices or some older one to know prices related to a specific year. In practice, however, it will not differ much from the current catalog price.

What you will find with us

Time instability is the main reason why we do not list catalog prices on our portal. Instead, here you will find a catalog of postage stamps from all over the world formed by the users of the portal themselves. Apart from catalog prices, all catalog data is checked for accuracy.

After much deliberation, at the request of many philatelists, we made it possible to fill in catalog prices.

06. 11. 2020
Tomáš Rychetský