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How can I help?

Portal The World of philately is trying to attract collecting stamps for the general public to maximum, especially for children. It contains a large amount of catalog data that are regularly checked by moderators. Same it is with scanned images. Every registered user has several options to get involved in the work and help not only himself but also other philatelists who are missing something here, but do not have the opportunity to fix it.

You can help by lending a hand to the work

  • Each registered philatelist may place stamps in the local catalog. To maintain the specified standard and facilitate the work of the moderators at the control of inserted data, you need to get acquainted with rules for inserting stamps. Of course it is necessary to have the right catalog data.
  • A registered user can upload the scanned stamps(clicking on the stamp in the catalog). For uploading scanned stamps we have set rules.
  • Do you like philately, have you experience with publishing and would you like you to transform your ideas into interesting articles about philately? Don´t hesitate to contact us and we, in the case of the attractiveness of your articles, will be happy to publish them on your behalf.

You can also help financially

If you can not lend a hand to the work (for example you do not have the catalog), so do not worry, you can still help. Although the website moderators help free of charge, so operating and programming of the portal is not free. We do not display ads on the portal and therefore the only way to make the costs for operating the portal is a financial assistance from the users themselves. You can contribute by buy full account, which will also bring you benefits.

You can share us on social networks

If you can't do either, don't worry, you can share us on social networks and make us aware of others.